Euro 2020 Football Sheet Winner

A Big Thank You to You ALL

Dear Players

The past fifteen months have been really tough for everyone with the terrible Covid pandemic, that has affected the whole World. Even in these uncertain times, you came up trumps to support the Baby Harry Memorial Fund’s UEFA European Championship Competition 2020/21.

In total we received 763 entry Forms, so a very big thank you to each and every one of you for taking part.

Harry’s Football Competitions are produced to our Players by a small group of Volunteers who work tirelessly, in giving up their time to help us to deliver Harry’s Football Sheets to you. We owe a massive Thank you to Mario, our Entry Form Editor who spends so much time preparing the Entry Form to ensure it’s all correct.

Marking the sheets got off to a flying start this year and I think this is the quickest we’ve marked the Sheets, for a few years. This could not be possible without our Markers, so many thanks to Billy, Freddie, Andrew & Paula, in getting the Sheets Marked so quickly.

After the Sheets have been marked, they have to be checked for any mistakes. Even after the checking process is completed and our Winners identified, one person goes through the scores again, just to make sure we haven’t made any errors, Our version of VAR but better.

Our one and only “Checker” is “Ma!” Harry’s Nanny, who has Checked all 763 Entries by herself!

She’s made the role her own for nearly 20 years (because she won’t let anyone else do it.) We think this is because she knows, nobody will take as much care in undertaking this important role as she does. She takes the job so seriously because she knows it would cost us a lot of money, if a mistake is found after we’ve paid all our Winners. She wouldn’t want her only Son, me, to have to pay money out of our own money because of a mistake, which of course we would, if we had too. we are committed to providing all the proceeds of these tournament’s to both Trevor Mann Baby Unit at The Royal Sussex County Hospital and Guys and St Thomas Hospital

It also keeps her out of mischief for a few weeks.

Ma has been so inspirational to us over the years since we lost our Harry. She has a little Train Money Box that she saves all her spare one’s, two’s and five pence coins in. To date her Train  has raised £435.03 for Harry’s Fund.

Thank you Ma! Harry’s Fund wouldn’t have achieved half as much without you.

We love you so much!! xxx

You certainly didn’t disappoint us with some of your answers. Two Players put Erling Hauland down for top scorer (You know who you are!), but he wasn’t even playing in the competition. Another Player thought there would only be 30 goals scored throughout the Tournament.

We would also like to say a big thank you to all our collectors, who do such a fantastic job in Collecting Players for all of Harry’s Football Competitions. You know who you are, and we really appreciate your support over many years!!

We hope to see you all again next year for Baby Harry’s World Cup Competition.

Thanks Again from us all..

Dave, Lisa, Josh & Billy

Target entries for the “Baby” Harry FIFA World Cup Competition, Qatar 2022 is: 1500!

And the WINNER is – Lewis Wingrove

Lewis receiving his winning prize of £2,289.00 from Dave And Billy Downes

How did you compare with Lewis, cursing England’s penalty failure or not even close. Find out where you finished with the full set of Euro 2020 Football Sheet results here

None of this is possible without the team of volunteers and all our supporters who contribute and play every World Cup and Euro tournament. See a personal message of thanks from Dave and the team here